By Iosif Jewellery

Roberto Bravo
Through the soul of Renaissance inspiring design, Roberto Bravo is a jewellery and accessory brand; creating a synthesis from modern lines. Established in 1948, the passion of jewellery and gold has been lasting for three generations up to date. Since 1997, the strategy of world-wide extension has been performed by co-operation with famous brands and continues with franchising all around the world. Emerging with ‘Before all and forever design’ motto; Roberto Bravo has always achieved initials and become one of the pioneering brands that gives direction to the sector by creating new trends. Primarily in Italy; proceeding the design and production stages also in Far East and Brasil; Roberto Bravo creates the difference with innovative, extraordinary and striking designs introducing a new sense of esthetic to jewellery fans while inviting them to a mysterious and magical gemstone world.